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Trust the proven experience of the company Ozeanus to optimize your business. You just focus on running your business.

We are specialized in the following areas with tight cost


• Mobility Specialists: Integration expertise in mobility systems in IOS , Android , BlackBerry , Windows Mobile / Phone platforms.

• Experts in Business Intelligence (IN -SITE Microstrategy or Cloud): Scorecards, reports , inventory, sales results, graphical trends , ad- hoc queries. Etc… Any key business , information literally in your hands. Now also available in solution CLOUD. Request more information.

• Especialistas en softwares Open Source alternativas Citrix, Terminal Server (Ulteo, Go-Global): Access from anywhere via PC, Mac , UNIX , Linux or mobile devices, the virtualized desktop. Totally safe, easy, reliable, very affordable cost for any company. Access to their virtualized desktop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ou must have an internet connection. Simply install special software on the mobile terminal or desktop to access the virtualized desktop. ( Go- Global). For Ulteo, you can access from your own computer, using the browser. Needless have licenses Terminal Server or Citrix. Save time and money. It can take a while teams without having to constantly renew, and provide for all users of the desktop completely closed.

• Integration and implementation of Open Source CRM solutions (Sugar CRM): Sugar CRM , helps you create the basis for a series of processes Internal trade that increase the effectiveness of your approach to the market. Accelerated sales results . Improves customer satisfaction. It provides a complete view of the profitability. Easy to use. Highly customizable. Tight cost.

• Specialists perimeter security, content security, (Safe Net): Esafe offers solutions for content security , data control , prevention data filtering and encryption, etc .. The team of Ozeanus, is certified in order to offer its knowledge and experience with the best product in the industry. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, we will be happy to help.

• CPD virtualization experts , s by (VMware or Hyper - V ) technology: Technology Virtualization with VMware or Hyper - V , and with our proven experencia , save costs, time and trouble. Reduce your machines in your data center. We also offer the option to dispose of its virtualized machines in the cloud. Save costs of electricity, maintenance of hardware machines, problems. No need to have sufficient personnel to manage the platform, and we take care of ourselves performing above function.

• BCP (Business Continuity Plan), Business continuity planning: Do I need a business continuity planning? What if I do not have it?. Yes. Not having a business continuity planning, it is an unnecessary risk, which can sometimes cause the closure of a business, and then not being able to open. Depending on the sector, if it does not have a business continuity plan, you may be fined by authorities. Backup plan. Emergency plan. Recovery plan. What material resources are needed. What people are involved in implementing the plan. What are the specific responsibilities of these individuals and their role in the plan. What protocols should follow and how they are. Contact us for more information. Thank you so much.

• IT Security Audit: Why make a computer audit? Today, the computer is integrated as an essential part in managing the company. Therefore, proper rules and computing standards should be subject to the same generals. Internal security audit. Perimeter Security Audit. Intrusion Test. Forensic analysis. Audits of Web pages. Application code audit.

• Training in new technologies (Performing Specific courses): Specialized training courses on new technologies (Web, Mobile, Desktop, Security, Virtualization, marketing, social networks, etc ..). Our extensive experience in different sectors in information technology (IT ) support us to offer the best solution at all times and available for everyone. Contact us for more information. Thank you so much.

• Renting management technology: We manage your IT leasing thanks to our team of experts. Why choose IT leasing solution? What advantages bring me to my business? The computer leasing keeps you up to date. Technology investment without debt capital. More flexibility. More predictable and transparent costs. Renting strengthens your bottom line. Increased liquidity. Tax implications. Contact us for more information. Thank you so much.