Recover deleted files and data is no longer a pipe dream! We specialize in catering for any type of device

Computer crashes are the order of the day and unfortunately many times files and entire files are lost. The computer of your company, because of the complexity of the operation mode is not recover deleted files. Fortunately our company, experts have data recovery for all media and device.  

We distinguish for being resourceful and agile in all work processes. Send a messenger by express mail to collect the media, then you receive an ID to pursue your case , and then we will make the diagnosis and begin restoring data . Once the work is complete, we transfer the data back to a medium ( usually DVD ) and all materials will be forwarded by secure mail . And to ensure good reception of the information retrieved , we will save all the data for seven days for any questions . We have data recovery labs in Madrid and Barcelona.

All remedies against data loss


Wherever you are, we offer the service saves hours of working out with a single click . We act on all types of device, software , hard drives and up are specialists in recovering systems password changes. Why we offer three types of service recover deleted files and files:

• Data recovery devices by software problems: if you have suffered accidental erasure of your data , if a virus has swept away , elimination system partition, the operating system does not start , our specialists will analyze your devices (USB key , flash drive , portable drive , Raid, ... ) and locate lost information.

• Data recovery devices for hardware problems: if you file deletion , files and all relevant information has been a physical problem on the device, we try to recover all data without causing any more damage to the device.

• Data recovery ethical hacking: ethical hacking refers to those practices that develop computer security professionals who apply their knowledge of hacking for defensive ( and legal ) purposes. The tasks that we will be the recovery and operation of servers and ethical hacking systems due to intentional or accidental key locks. In addition we move to your company!.

Recover your data by software problems with an offer of 30%

Price table for device:
SD memory: 69’30€ + VAT. (PVP 99€ + VAT without discount)
Micro SD: 69’30€ + VAT (PVP 99€+ VAT without discount)
Pendrive (USB): 90’30€ + VAT (PVP 129€+ VAT without discount)
Portable disk 2.5 "SATA / IDE: 104’30€ + VAT (PVP 149€+ VAT without discount)
Disk Desktop / Tower 3.5 "SATA / IDE: 104’30€ + VAT (PVP 149€+ VAT without discount)
Recovery RAID SATA / SAS: Since 419’30€ + VAT (PVP 599€+ VAT without discount)    
Other devices: Check 

Recover your data with hardware problems offer -15 %
Allocated budget and depending on the work to be performed

Recovery ethical hacking with the offer of -25 % 
Allocated budget and depending on the work to be performed